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5 października 2006

A transitional co-operation project sponsored by the European Commission under the Socrates Programme


Quality assurance of school improvement is everybody`s concern. An important issue in the above-mentioned problem is self-evaluation capabilities and presentation of results. There is also a general trend in Europe of shifting from a central control of quality in schools to holding schools accountable for their own quality. It is obvious that an effective school self-evaluation process promotes the solidity of education in a particular school and gives to all stakeholders the expected information about the quality of educational processes and results.

But quality of education is a complex concept that can have many meanings, so, governments and schools can use different definitions of quality and different ways of assessing quality - this leads to problems for regional and national authorities, but also for schools. Reading attainable pedagogical literature, sharing experience among educational staff during various international contacts give sign of common problems in the EU and the Associated Countries.
We are intending to focus on school self-evaluation capabilities and presentation of results which are useful for various stakeholders. The project outcomes should shed light on the problem: what kind of information is useful for various stakeholders, how schools can meet them, what kind of instruments school needs for self-evaluation process, how to prepare them and to communicate the outcome. Main dissemination results are: the "Effective school self-evaluation" website, a CD ROM, a seminar, product publications and articles.



  • Guideline for evaluators

  • Final report


Project data


Name of the action: Comenius Action 2.1 - Training of School Educational Staff

Reference no. of the Financial Agreement: 106658-CP-1-2002-1-PL-Comenius-C21

Maximum grant amount: 24.025 EUR

Total of approved budget: 40.093 EUR

Eligibility period: 01/10/2002 to 01/10/2004

Interim report: 01/07/2003

Final report: 15/01/2005





Institution: Kuratorium Oświaty w Lublinie
Address: 20-950 Lublin
ul. 3 Maja 6 Poland

Phone: +48 81 53 292 81
Fax: +48 81 53 273 10

Participants: Jolanta Misiak, Ryszard Kozłowski
e-mail: jolanta.misiak@kuratorium.lublin.pl; ryszard.kozlowski@kuratorium.lublin.pl


Institution: University of Professional Education, Centre for International Education
Address: PO Box 30011
NL 5603 HN Nijmegen
Phone: +31 24 345 99 55

Participant: Hans van Wessel
e-mail: hans.vanwessel@pa.han.nl

Institution: Greco-Transferstelle
Address: Werfstr. 3
47533 Kleve, Germany
Phone: +49 21 51 470 781

Participants: Ilse Luckhardt, Norbert Kriebs
e-mail: I.luckhardt@t-online.de




Name: Jolanta Misiak
Institution: Kuratorium Oświaty w Lublinie
Address: 20-950 Lublin
ul. 3 Maja 6 Poland
Phone: +48 81 53 273 10
Fax: +48 81 53 85 200
e-mail: jolanta.misiak@kuratorium.lublin.pl


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